Explain the difference between these words.                           

Word 1 Meaning Word 2 Meaning
accept   except  
adverse   averse  
advice   advise  
affect   effect  
all together   altogether  
aloud   allowed  
amoral   immoral  
appraise   apprise  
augur   auger  
aural   oral  
bare   bear  
bated   baited  
blanch   blench  
born   borne  
brake   break  
censure   censor  
chord   cord  
climactic   climatic  
coarse   course  
complacent   complaisant  
complement   compliment  
complementary   complimentary  
council   counsel  
cue   queue  
curb   kerb  
currant   current  
defuse   diffuse  
dependant   dependent  
desert   dessert  
discreet   discrete  
disinterested   uninterested  
draught   draft  
draw   drawer  
dual   duel  
elicit   illicit  
emotional   emotive  
empathy   sympathy  
ensure   insure  
envelop   envelope  
exercise   exorcize  
faint   feint  
fawn   faun  
flair   flare  
flaunt   flout  
flounder   founder  
forbear   forebear  
foreword   forward  
freeze   frieze  
grisly   grizzly  
historic   historical  
hoard   horde  
imply   infer  
its   it’s  
judicial   judicious  
lama   llama  
licence   license  
lightening   lightning  
loath   loathe  
loose   lose  
meter   metre  
militate   mitigate  
muscle   mussel  
pain   pane  
palate   palette  
pedal   peddle  
peninsula   peninsular  
perpetrate   perpetuate  
pore   pour  
practice   practise  
prescribe   proscribe  
principal   principle  
prophecy   prophesy  
quiet   quite  
reign   rein  
role   roll  
sceptic   septic  
shear   sheer  
sight   site  
silicon   silicone  
stationary   stationery  
storey   story  
straight   strait  
summary   summery  
swat   swot  
tail   tale  
team   teem  
their   there  
titillate   titivate  
to   too  
toe   tow  
tortuous   torturous  
vain   vein  
waive   wave  
who’s   whose  
your   you’re